Variables in SAP Commissions


One of the great powers of SAP Commissions is the ability to build commission rules using variables. Variables can vastly cut down the number of rules required in a system and can make maintenance, plan changes, employee on-boarding and overrides a much simpler process.

Objects such as Fixed Values and Quotas in SAP Commissions can be represented using variables that are initially assigned a default value. This default value is available to every position. Unless the default variable assignment is overridden then a position will receive the default value of the object.

The power of the variable assignment is that we can override the default variable assignment at the plan, title and at the individual position level itself. The order of precedence is:

  • Title assignments override plan assignments
  • Position assignments override title assignments

This means we can set objects such as targets and quotas right down to an individual position level in our rules without having to modify the rule itself. This way, only one set of rules need be created to return the values from different titles or positions.


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