Our On-Demand Webinars

Our webinars are recorded and available to you on-demand, at any time. Our SPM technology experts provide guidance on a variety of topics.

If you have any questions about the content, or how it can be applied to your business, let us know.  We’re here to help.

On-Demand Webinars

OpenSymmetry SPM technology experts have decades of combined experience. They aim to provide guidance on a wide variety of SPM/ICM topics to support sales strategy and increase organizations’ ROI. Our webinar collection comes from a variety of sources – virtual events, think tanks, roundtables, corporate sessions, and much more – where our Thought Leaders provide valuable education to prospective SPM users and adopting clients.

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Adapting Sales Compensation Strategies Post Pandemic

In partnership with Chief Executive Group and UScellular, our panel of experts discuss lessons learned from the pandemic and how to adapt sales compensation strategies.

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RevOps: Cutting Through the Hype

This is the first of a two part series on revenue operations, “revops” where we join forces with Varicent and The Alexander Group to cut through the hype.

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Realizing Value from Revenue Operations

How can organizations find value from a revops model? Join us with industry experts from Varicent and The Alexander Group as we unpack this.

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SPM/ICM Solution Providers

OpenSymmetry & NI share research results that examined how sales performance management (SPM) technology providers perform against client needs.

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Best In Class Sales Compensation

A client case study that provides a real-life scenario of how the approach of using industry best practices coupled with cutting-edge technology helped improve transparency.

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How a Global Product Company Achieved SPM Success

In this webinar, learn how DSM was able to make a more informed decision based upon the reality of today, next year, and the years after that with their new SPM solution.

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Designing High Performance Sales Compensation Plans

This webcast covers the tactical considerations of sales incentive compensation plan design, including selecting the most effective performance measures, and a lot more.

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Sales Performance Management in Financial Services

This webcast focuses on how common issues and risks related to sales compensation management and how high performing firms address these challenges.

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Updating the Sales Compensation Program

Presenters share not only some of the common pitfalls to avoid, but also best practices to use when making updates to your sales compensation plans.

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Is SPM a strategic lever or necessary evil?

Learn from our Senior Partner about key factors that organizations should understand to turn their SPM program into a strategic lever to support sales initiatives and drive revenue.

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CFO Financial Predictions for 2021

Sales compensation is important for businesses but the real question is how many are using it strategically. This webinar dives into comp plans and the operations that support it.

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APAC SPM/ICM Challenges and Technology Consideration

In this on-demand webinar, in partnership with Varicent, our panel of experts discuss key challenges and considerations for the sales compensation process in APAC.

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Sales Comp Response to the COVID 19 Epidemic

We’re pleased to invite you to this online session featuring highlights from Donya Rose’s expert insights on the sales compensation response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

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SPM Territory & Quota Planning Optimization

In this on-demand webinar, partnered with Varicent, we dive into territory and quota planning best practices and how you can address them.

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Achieving World-class Sales Compensation Design

Join our webinar for a deep dive into incentive plan design best practices and benefits of an effective sales compensation plan assessment.

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Incentive Compensation and Sales Performance Reporting Practices

Join us for a first look at recently concluded research on incentive compensation and sales performance reporting.


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