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Our whitepapers provide the framework to common questions and considerations clients have about SPM/ICM.

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on SPM

Understand the advantage of artificial intelligence and how to enable SPM owners and revenue leaders to determine the most effective ways for their businesses to embrace the impact of AI on SPM.

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SAP Commissions Oracle to HANA Migration

Learn about top considerations to make before migrating from SAP Commissions to SAP Incentive Management (HANA).

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SPM Solution Management & Administration - Resource Planning

Learn about the common pitfalls that can derail an SPM program, showing why a structured approach will help client companies achieve optimal value following initial deployment.

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Improving the Producer Experience Starts With a Strong Foundation

Incentive compensation in insurance is complex—high volume, highly regulated and very competitive. This paper highlights key features of an insurance platform and building a business case for investment in an insurance compensation platform.

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SPM Automation's Impact on Proficiency & Staffing Ratios

This report is intended to summarize the results and provide an understanding of companies managing sales compensation as it relates to their technology, staffing models, and program performance.

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The Difference Between SMB/Commercial & Enterprise SPM Platforms

There are a multitude of (SPM) solutions on the market. Understanding the differences between what some consider SMB/Commercial grade solutions and enterprise solutions will be critical.

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6 Common Mistakes of Selecting a Sales Performance Management Solution

In order to avoid critical mistakes in the selection of an SPM application, the following highlights six of the more common and costly mistakes that are often made in the selection process.

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Considerations When Replacing Your SPM Solution

As OpenSymmetry has helped many companies evaluate and effectively migrate to new technology solutions, we are sharing seven key areas that we find critical to completing this kind of effort.

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Challenges for Ongoing Management of SPM Solutions

This paper is intended to provide insight into common challenges for managing the operations of an off-the-shelf SPM application on an ongoing basis.

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SPM Challenges & Technology Considerations

By combining research and client feedback with functional capabilities (being offered by leading SPM solutions), we have identified the following challenges for consideration.

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SPM Challenges & Technology for Financial Services | Part I

In this paper, we’ll address five strategic and analytical-related challenges, along with the accompanying considerations for securing a substantial return on an ICM solution investment.

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SPM Challenges & Technology for Financial Services | Part II

In addition to the 5 factors presented in part 1, there are also operational and administration challenges that are equally important when evaluating ICM solutions.

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SPM Challenges & Technology for the Medical Device Industry

Take a look for an understanding of how SPM technology solutions can resolve common challenges for managing and paying sales incentives within the MedTech sector.

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SPM Challenges for the High Tech Industry

Addressing needs should be an important factor when selecting an SPM solution that can support your sales efforts, enable business outcomes, and ensure your maximum return on spend.

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SPM Considerations for the Telecom Industry

We highlight 5 prominent challenges to sales incentive compensation in the telecommunications industry and offer insights into how SPM can help address them.

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SPM Challenges for the CPG Industry

By identifying how SPM software can close performance gaps and improve operational efficiency in specific areas, this paper provides a glimpse of the top considerations for reviewing various SPM solutions to ensure a good fit.

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Tech Considerations for the Insurance Industry

We highlight 5 challenges to sales incentive compensation in the insurance industry, and offer insights into how SPM solutions can help address those challenges, and more.

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SPM Challenges for the Distribution Industry

We dive into how the capabilities of SPM solutions can both solve distribution-related challenges and provide improved sales performance.

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