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OS Edge for Sales Performance Management

OpenSymmetry branded our Managed Services offerings as “OS Edge”.  We believe our services give clients a valuable Edge on how to realize the most benefit possible from an SPM investment.

The “go-live” of a Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution is not the end of an implementation project, with sales leaders and reps riding off into the sunset with accurate, up-to-date sales compensation data. It is the beginning of learning to manage the post-implementation operations of the SPM solution, which has its own set of obstacles and challenges.

The OS Edge Team at OpenSymmetry is your worldwide, trusted SPM partner to help navigate these obstacles and challenges and to ensure the success of a new SPM implementation company wide.

We offer flexible, configurable support models tailored to specific business needs
with the following capabilities:

Post-Implementation SPM Support Services

SPM Operations

Web-Based Technology Solutions

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Providing various levels of operational support that can be customized to your needs

Delivering both business and technical support at the level that’s right for your organization

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Giving you peace of mind so that you’re empowered to focus on other strategic business priorities

How Can OpenSymmetry’s Managed Services Help You?

Advisory On-Demand

Whether you’ve recently deployed an ICM platform and are looking for some extra support or you’re pre-deployment and need some expertise to ensure a successful implementation, our Advisory On-Demand service gives you easy access to tools and technology experts to help with your unique comp-related needs.

Operational Support

If you’ve deployed an ICM platform and have the internal ability to manage your ICM operations but could benefit from some additional expertise, the Operational Support offering is ideal for you. Our technical experts are standing by to share best practices, handle escalations, and provide business and technical support.

Read the Data Sheet: 24x7x365 Administration of SPM Systems & Data

Managed Ops

If you’ve deployed an ICM platform and prefer to fully outsource your technical and operational management to the industry’s leading ICM experts, our Managed Ops team is a service provider for full sales comp management outsourcing.

Read the Data Sheet: 24x7x365 Administration of SPM Systems & Data

360 Comp

If you are looking to deploy an ICM technology platform and would like to outsource the implementation as well as operations, 360 Comp gives you access to world-class outsourcing for sales comp management to fit your current and future business requirements.

Lead to Money Managed Services

OpenSymmetry provides post-go-live services for SPM-adjacent products including Configure/Price/Quote and Contract Management. Our offerings include: existing-system health checks, short-term maintenance projects to support new products or divisions, implementation of software feature updates, and managed services for longer term support.

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OpenSymmetry enables clients to achieve greater operational efficiency and get better sales results.  We are a global consulting company specializing in the planning, implementation, and optimization of industry leading technology suppliers of sales performance management solutions.

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