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As a Professional Services Consulting organization, OpenSymmetry is dedicated to the success of our employees. We offer diverse and challenging opportunities to empower our people, fostering a community built on respect and teamwork. Our core values include celebrating diverse perspectives, continuous improvement through expert guidance, and upholding quality standards.

At OpenSymmetry, we believe in giving employees the platform to shape the future, welcoming you to join us on a journey of growth and success. Your voice is integral – your future begins here. Explore more and become a part of something exceptional!”

OpenSymmetry’s Core Values

At OpenSymmetry, it’s all about the team. Our people make up the heart and strength of the organization, and we believe that our core values embody what we’re made of.


Build genuine relationships through respect and teamwork.


Deliver everything we do to the highest standards.


Drive continuous improvement through expert guidance.

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Employees From Around the Globe

“I have worked at OpenSymmetry for over 9 years, and it’s been an exciting and rewarding adventure. The work can be challenging at times. However, the flexibility and autonomy help keep my work-life balance healthy! I can also say in all confidence, my CEO plays better air-guitar than yours!”

Ryan M.
Accounting and Finance Lead



Employees From Around the Globe

“I love OpenSymmetry because I am excited to log into work even on a Monday morning! Exciting projects, wonderful clients, and talented colleagues take away the Monday blues when you are working at OS!”

Anuja K.
Team Lead, Principal Consultant



Employees From Around the Globe

“OS wants everyone to succeed and will do everything they can to facilitate professional growth.  I have really enjoyed the technical nature of my role, and the flexibility of working remotely has allowed for a wonderful work life balance.”

Lisa S.



Employees From Around the Globe

“A global gathering of the truly greatest bunch of folks I know. OS is the only employer where you can go as far as you want and still have the work/life balance you need.”

Andy M.
Product Manager



Employees From Around the Globe

“I enjoy working here because of the supportive management and environment, which is what makes OpenSymmetry so fantastic. OS provided me with the chance to expand my skill set and to collaborate with the smartest people who had fantastic ideas. Respect and trust for both our team and our customers are our guiding principles.”

Sunilkumar K.
Senior Consultant



Employees From Around the Globe

“The best part about working at OpenSymmetry is the great team and supportive leadership I get to interact with every day.  The role is completely flexible and provides great benefits.”

Ish L.
Sr. Consultant


Employees From Around the Globe

“I love working at OpenSymmetry because of the people I work with. They’re smart, talented, and passionate about their work. We have a great culture of collaboration and support, and I always feel like I’m learning and growing. I’ve been able to take on new challenges and responsibilities.”

Praveenkumar D.
Senior Consultant




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About Us

OpenSymmetry enables clients to achieve greater operational efficiency and get better sales results. We are a global consulting company specializing in the planning, implementation, and optimization of industry leading technology suppliers of sales performance management solutions.