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Our case studies provide valuable insights into how our SPM technology experts have met the individual needs of clients across the globe.

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Building Trust, Agility, and Collaboration in Sales Planning

Learn how Shaw Industries improved their go-to-market approach and recently embarked a study of its current end-to-end sales performance practice that uncovered many opportunities and challenges.

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Automating Incentive Compensation Management

Learn how SalesLoft continues to enjoy the efficiency and accuracy made possible by automation of their incentive compensation process.

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How a Global Product Company Achieved SPM Success

Armed with all data points across in-house and new technology, DSM was able to make a more informed decision based upon the reality of today, next year, and the years after that.

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Sales Performance Management Optimization

Learn more about how you can benefit from an SPM program assessment and future state planning like National Instruments.

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Fortune 500 Sales Performance Management Solution Selection

A common challenge for many companies is effectively evaluating and selecting the right SPM technology solution. One Fortune 500, internet-based sales corporation selected OpenSymmetry to assist.

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Maximizing Sales Performance Management in Travel & Tourism

Learn about how, from their partnership with the OS EDGE team, Carnival’s SPM program runs more smoothly and efficiently thanks to periodic environment refreshes and strategic improvements.


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Sales Compensation Management & Administration

Abbott’s comp team was able to become self-sufficient—not only better versed in their comp system, but also with the ability access data that allow for a competitive advantage.

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Optimizing Incentive Compensation Management Systems

Read all about Vodacom’s journey to automated ICM processes and self-sufficiency over a decade of partnership with OpenSymmetry.

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Unifying Sales Performance Management Across Departments

Wondering how OpenSymmetry can help your organization improve its SPM program? Check out this case study to learn how AXA found success.


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Continuous Improvement of SPM Technology

SCC and OpenSymmetry have been in partnership for over four years, and SCC has seen improvements in Increased self-sufficiency, improved SPM dashboard, and reduced processing time.

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Sales Performance Management Implementation

Through comprehensive planning, configuration, testing, and documentation, the deployment of The Co-operators’ new SPM technology was a success.


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Outsourcing Incentive Compensation Management

A case study that documents the journey of Wacker Neuson as they sought a better solution to manage their incentive compensation.

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Automating Data Extraction in Incentive Compensation Management

Looking for options to automate the data extraction processes, Blackbaud turned to OpenSymmetry for a solution.

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Optimizing Incentive Compensation Management

Cox Automotive optimized their incentive compensation for a higher ROI, which included time savings, more informed decision- making, and improved sales performance.

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Implementing Incentive Compensation Management

U.S. Bank traded in their manual processes for transparency, accuracy, and efficiency.

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Incentive Compensation Management System Implementation

Pacific Union Financial (now Mr. Cooper) enjoys high visibility and low sales rep turnover with an automated ICM system.

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Automating Sales Performance Management

By partnering with OpenSymmetry, high tech companies are able to get sales compensation payouts made in a timely way, increase sales rep satisfaction and engagement, and scale up as teams grow.

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