Using Variables


A key component when configuring Incentive Plans in SAP Commissions is the use of Variables. These allow you to create calculation logic that is data driven. A feature of SAP Commissions is the ability to assign variables at different levels, and this can be easily overridden at whatever level right down to the Position. This is made possible by the hierarchical nature of the of objects: a Payee may be assigned to a Position, a Position is given a Title, a Title belongs to a Plan.

When a Variable is created, it is available for use at any of those levels. You can assign a value to a Variable for a Plan, and any Titles belonging to that Plan, and subsequently any Positions using that Title will be given the same value for that Variable. This makes it easy to set and maintain many values across many Payees, but then when there is an immediate need to adjust a value on an individual basis then you can as well.

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