Dashboard Organization (SAP)


Dashboards within SAP can provide a unique way to present and organize employee data in a clean and concise way for viewing. When organizing dashboards, there are three main views: By Plan, By Title, and Global. Along with these unique dashboard views, there are also many ways to date and sort the dashboards.

Dashboard View
When creating a dashboard by plan, it allows all individual’s assigned to a plan to view the dashboards that are associated with that plan. In an instance where an additional dashboard is created and assigned to an employee’s title, it will override the dashboard assigned by plan in favor for the by title dashboard. This allows unique dashboards to be created for individual representatives while still allowing the rest of the group to remain on a like-minded dashboard. The Global dashboard is a blanketed dashboard that allows all individual’s associated with a business unit to have an additional dashboard to view, without overriding the dashboards assigned at the plan or title level.
Dashboard Dating
During the creation process of a dashboard, there is an effective from and to dates available in the top right corner. These two dates provide a range in which the representatives have access to an individual dashboard. This can be used for phasing in and out new plan components. The view date on the dashboard home screen allows upcoming and previous versions of dashboards to be viewed as well.
Releasing Dashboards
Dashboards are updated after the system pipeline is run. Running a pipeline ensures the data available to representatives is current. When a pipeline is run for a new period, the dashboard will not display any data until that period is released. On the dashboard home screen in the top right corner there is a button that reads “Release Periods” clicking on this brings you to a page that allows dashboards to be released or unreleased for a specific business unit and period. Specific positions can also be blocked from viewing a released dashboard by clicking the “Edit Blocking for Released Period” button.

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