Overriding the Source Data- CaptivateIQ

In CIQ, the data could be received from various sources like SFDC, snowflake, and there have been scenarios where the business wants to override the data that comes from the source and still maintain the original data in CIQ system. While using live connectors like SFDC, the whole data worksheet may be read only and could not be altered.

To handle such cases, the overriding feature could be provided in a separate sheet. A sheet (Override Sheet) with the columns in original data sheet will need to be created. In this sheet, the business/admin can enter the values that are supposed to override original data. All the columns can be overridden except the unique column. As part of coding, a Derived Sheet (Effective Sheet) will need to be created. This Effective Sheet would be an inner join between the original sheet and the overridden sheet. All the columns in the original sheet and the Override Sheet need to be selected in the effective sheet. Same number columns as in original will need to be created again in the effective sheet. If the overridden data column is null, then the original data will be populated in the effective column. In this case the override column is present, then the override data will be populated in the effective sheet column. The effective columns will be the new source for commissions and further processing. This feature is now being used across most of the implementations.


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