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As a CaptivateIQ user, the last couple of years have had great change, with any new and enhanced features were added in 2021. One of the new features added last year was the ability to impersonate users.
As a compensation administrator, it is important to remember who our customers that use CaptivateIQ are: sales teams, managers, finance administrators, and the list goes on. It is critical to understand what their experience will be every time they log and customize that experience for each role.
With the ability to impersonate a user, you can log in as any user and experience what that user would experience. You can even perform the functions that user is able to perform while an audit log is kept of every impersonation. Troubleshooting this issue ensures that permissions or visibility are set appropriately and functioning as intended. The general knowledge of the end user experience is easier than ever to verify.
Here are some examples of impersonating users:
Did someone go on vacation and forget to approve commissions? Simply impersonate that user, and approve or deny as needed.
Does a report or dashboard need a visual tweak? Impersonate a user and make sure the information available to them is useful and accurate.
Make sure to use the audit log to verify any functions completed as that user.
Keep your users happy and experience what your users experience and you will succeed as a compensation administrator.

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