Data Privacy

As we know maintaining the data privacy is one of the important aspect for any organisations/party that deal with any sort of sensitive personal information. In SAP Sales Commissions too we handle private data like Salary, Target Compensation, Tax-ID, Product ID, etc. This data even if not completely unavailable to the developer and admins, can be limited to certain Roles to maintain the security. Let’s see how.

By default, Commissions supports three Private Data fields:

  1. Participant. TaxID
  2. Participant. BaseSalary
  3. Position.TargetCompensation

Additionally, Private Data can be marked for:

  1. All 16 Generic Attributes available under Customizations > Classifications.
    This includes all standard (Products, Customers, Postal Codes) and custom Classifier Types.
    This does not include Categories or Category Hierarchies.
  2. All 32 Generic Attributes available under Customizations > Calculation > Transactions.
    This does not include Transaction Address or Transaction Pre-Assignment.

Private Data Permission Settings
You must set Private Data permissions in Security > Roles > Permissions > Administration.
If permissions are restricted, Private Data fields are not displayed in the UI.

Audit Logs
All Private Data is tracked for read access and logged in the Audit Logs. Read access logging is tracked for UI, Export (Excel and CSV) and API access.

Tracked Data fields include:

  • Tax ID, Base Salary, Target Compensation
  • Custom Transaction and Classification Private Data fields

If private data has been looked at by an Admin, it will be logged as an entry in the audit log. If you keep the generic attributes for Classification and Transaction fields disabled, only the three default fields are considered as Private Data.

Note: Private Data is not purged. Private Data is not picked up in scheduled purge jobs. Private Data is not associated with the Data Protection and Privacy functionality. Private Data is solely workspace level masking of private data fields.

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