How to automate multiple pipeline data extracts in SAP

For new SAP Commissions projects or existing SAP CallidusCloud Oracle/ODI-to-HANA conversions, if multiple Outbound data extracts are required from a single custom process, the ODATA Adapter and Remote Source “PipelineRuns” API in HANA can be utilized. This can provide for execution of multiple Data Extract jobs from within a single custom SQL procedure.
Examples of this:
1) a custom Inbound Trigger File requiring multiple Outbound data extract files generated from one process
2) a custom Pipeline Stagehook, requiring one-or-more Outbound data extract files generated from a single stage hook process (separate from any TCMP table updates)
3) a custom Report Data Extract requiring one-or-more Outbound data extract files generated from one reporting process.
Implementing this solution requires the HANA OData Adapter (with corresponding Remote Source) and a Virtual Table based on API “PipelineRuns” to be setup, thus providing for any custom SQL process to perform multiple “INSERTS” into that specific Virtual Table, for each required custom Outbound Data Extract process. This allows for automated execution of multiple Data Extracts from a single custom SQL procedure, leveraging the assignment of ‘PipelineRun’ As Command, and ‘DataExtracts’ as StageType, and ‘<YourCustomOutboundFileType>’ as DataExtractsFileType.

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