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Xactly has a feature to automate HR data using Xactly Connect staging tables and Incent upload functions. Xactly can directly integrate with Salesforce, Workday, MS Dynamics, and NetSuite through API’s to bring in HR data.

Using Xactly Connect, below key objects can be automated which defines the organization structure in Incent. By automating the process, Admins can save lot of time and avoid human errors.

  • User
  • People
  • Position
  • Hierarchy
  • Named Relationships

Automation steps

  • Read HR data from source system (Salesforce/Workday/NetSuite/flat file) and load it to Connect delta tables
  • Transform source HR data based on below scenarios and load it to Connect staging tables.
    • New Hire
    • Termination
    • Transfers
    • Updates
    • LOA
  • Upload data to Xactly Incent tables using below Xactly upload commands.
    • Incent Upload users; 
    • Incent Upload People;
    • Incent Upload Positions;
    • Incent Upload Hierarchy;
    • Incent Upload relationships;


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