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General tags that are being widely used allow you to group components across several plan design areas in Xactly such as quotas, formulas, rate tables, attainment measures, rules library, draws and plans. Once the components are tagged you can search and filter quickly on just the component you are working with, or you can archive old components by hiding them from lists by default. Tags are very helpful in organizing your components and reducing the number of old components cluttering up your workspace. Example would be to create a Year Tag (FY2021), Credit Tag (Net New, Upsell, Cross sell) and Plan Tag, so that we can then assign multiple tags to a single component making it easy to find all the components that are used for that one commission rule or lookup table. It also helps to quickly find all the components that were used or created for the current year.

But what is this Rule tag and how is it different from a general tag?

The Rule tag groups rules together for easier assignment and management across plans. You add one Rule tag to the plan instead of manually finding and adding the 20 individual rules to the plan. We can quickly make changes to components or create new rules for a component, by adding the rule tag Incent automatically added the new rule to the plans. For example, if you had a Cross Sale component that you needed to create new rules for, when you create the rule add the Cross Sale rule tag and the rule will be automatically added to all the plans that are assigned the Cross Sale Rule tag. You are no longer required to add each individual rule to the plans you simply add the tag to the rule.

If you are a long-time user of Incent, don’t be afraid to look around and try something you have never used before. It might just save you some time and money.


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