Varicent Workflows


In today’s fast path incentive environment, it is essential to have the agility to collaborate between different groups in the sales incentive ecosystem. Varicent caters to such ability by allowing the users to define, configure and deploy workflows. Such workflows enable users to collaborate by routing decisions or business processes among themselves.

Workflows can be as simple as one-step pay approval or as complex as disputes and inquiry management. Varicent workflows can be a potent tool. It allows the configurator to utilize add-ons such as a Python or SQL script or even an API call to perform more complex operations.

At OpenSymmetry, we enjoy working with Varicent workflows as they can reflect on our creativity when solving complex business rules. We are currently building a workflow for a client that would send requests to their team to acknowledge their incentive plan, monitor the acknowledgment, and follow up with individuals who have not signed their plan. It also escalates to a plan manager and the individuals’ manager if they don’t respond within the pre-determined period.


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