Varicent Process Lists


Comp admins have a large number of tasks to complete on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. These range from setting up new payees & configuring rate tables to publishing pay files & distributing plans. The Process List functionality allows admins to organize their tasks into groups with hyperlinks to the relevant tables, views or workflows needed to maintain the model. Each task has a description so the admin knows exactly what to do at every step.

Process Lists are similar to “to-do” lists but w/ added functionality to ensure other members of the team are aware of progress & to avoid duplicating effort. There are two types:

  • Ordered: tasks need to be completed in a specific sequence
  • Perpetual: tasks can be completed in any order. This option is used to ensure that a vital responsibility isn’t missed due to miscommunication.

As tasks are completed, they are checked off and the time/date/username are noted for audit purposes. This means that if there are multiple admins in the system there is a centralized record of the tasks that have been completed and by whom. Finally, Process Lists have a dedicated tab in the Admin Client but there’s also a quick view on the Home Page to allow admins to see progress on login.

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