Trigger Rules in Xactly Incent


Trigger rules can be very useful to provide another level of result aggregation in Incent. The system only allows two calculation steps: crediting and commission. Trigger orders allow the results from these steps to be fed through another round of rules for analysis. Here are several common uses for this type of rule.
• Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual attainment bonus rules
• “Year to date minus prior YTD pay” rules
• Rules to generate reporting credits for quota values, attainment %, or other values in Incent that wouldn’t normally be available in Analytics
• True-up rules. For example, a rep is only eligible for acceleration once certain criteria are met. The trigger can be used to go back and true-up YTD commission.
• Credit rules to show specific values on the incentive statement
When you’re ready to create a trigger order, the process is no different from creating any other order. It’s just an additional order that can be run at specific times during the calculation process. They are usually set up with an order type of TriggerX (ex. Trigger1, Trigger2, etc.). The orders are created per person per period. Usually, this is done by a Connect or DELTA process. However, they can be uploaded through the Incent UI if you choose not to automate.

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