Sales Data Integration


Connect module of Xactly allows complex integration logic built easily. Integration through multiple sources can be managed efficiently using built-in connectors with Salesforce, NetSuite, and Microsoft. Xactly provides access to several system tables that can be used to create custom logics for crediting scenarios which are difficult to handle in Incent. Xactly also provides a plethora of inbuilt functions for Xactly Connect that can be used to easily handle complicated data transformation logic.

On one of the Xactly implementations, the business requirement was to increase the attainment value applied to opportunities by adding additional attainment attributable to cash upfront terms recorded on the source file. Using Connect, we created a logic to attach the maximum stored attainment on the transaction orders based on the opportunity ID and close date from the original activity. For any future invoiced opportunities with the same close-date period, Connect referenced the stored maximum attainment value from the prior incentive period and applied that attainment value to the future invoiced opportunities.

With Xactly Connect we can handle such complex scenarios with ease.

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