REST API in Varicent


There may be occasions when some requirements become difficult to implement because the tool does not provide required functionality. REST API lets us write scripts to build new custom features or functionalities which are not provided by tool.

There are predefined API calls in Varicent. By using those, we can build a whole different feature for certain requirement.

REST API enables us to access Varicent features on any platform with the help of any supporting programming language (It does support multiple programming languages like Python and JavaScript).

Some potential uses include following scenarios:

  • REST API can be useful in automation of frequent manual interventions and triggering some actions based on custom trigger
  • Custom User Interface can be developed as per client requirement
  • Jobs which need manual intervention for scheduling every time can be automated with certain frequency or based on some predefined trigger
  • Clients can leverage web services to tightly integrate systems
  • Presenting data in Mobile Application is possible with REST API calls
  • Clients can trigger existing programmed scheduling application programming software
  • Applying additional security layers is possible through applications with REST API
  • Efficient Data integration can be done by automated processes
  • Data can be processed through programming for complex processing


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