Prevent duplicate credits for roll-up and roll-over indirect credits within Xactly Incent


Client presented with a case where 2 Account Executives were receiving full credit (100% split percent each) for the same sale. Not an issue, until those credits rolled to the same Manager and Solutions Architect. The manager was receiving credits via a “roll-up” using the hierarchy rule and the solutions architect was receiving credits through a “roll-over” named relationship rule. In Incent, those credits from the original Account Executives would cause both the Manager and Solutions Architect to receive credits from both Account Executives.

Since there is only 1 order line for the data with 2 direct credit assignments, the CreditOrderItem.TotalAmount formula can be used in the Maximum field of the result sections for all the applicable Indirect Credit Rules. This formula allows a maximum amount to be generated for the total amount for the original order amount.

There are some limitations to note. An indirect credit rule can only prevent duplicate credits for credits created from the same indirect credit rule and order. For example, a hierarchy indirect credit rule cannot prevent a named relationship from creating a credit with the same credit type for the same order. Also, if 2+ orders have duplicate line in the data file coming into Incent, the indirect credit rule cannot prevent duplicate credits in this case as Incent views these orders and credits as separate orders.


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