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In Varicent ICM, we can create Presenter Adaptive Reports which are easy to build, attractive and readable.

Presenter Adaptive Reports help you portray your compensation plans in an understandable way. We can use different objects like Text, Image, Table, Picklist, and Charts to display payout details.

There are various customization options within these reports:
• Background Image – Helps you enhance the look of your Report
• Preferred PDF downloads – Helps you export your reports easily
• Style Preferences – Helps you modify and format your report
• Chart Palettes – Helps you visually compare multiple sets of Data (there are multiple options for creative charts)
• Assign Workflow – Pay file approval process can be created by assigning a workflow to the Presenter Report

The most interesting part of Presenter Adaptive Reports is that it has three different views:
1. Desktop
2. Tablet
3. Mobile

Features of Presenter Adaptive Report are the cherry on top of your Compensation System.

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