OpenSymmetry Sponsors Tony Foundation’s 4th Annual Drive Away Cancer Event 

On Friday September 24 at 10am CST, the Tony Foundation will host a shotgun start at ShadowGlen Golf Course in Austin, TX to raise awareness for the foundation which was created to provide financial assistance to meet immediate, existing needs for families whose primary income earners in their most productive years have been diagnosed with cancer and are unable to continue employment.

At 29, a husband and father of 3 daughters, Tony was diagnosed with multiple aggressive cancers and underwent extensive treatment. Fortunately, his current situation is stable, but the road ahead is long, and he will battle cancer for a long time.

This experience is what inspired Tony to start the Tony Foundation.  Established with a unique referral model in mind, it incorporates a committee of medical professionals from different oncology centers to identify recipients for assistance.  The medical and social workers know the families through patient visits and treatments and can vet them according to the foundation’s criteria.

“After my extensive surgeries and treatments, I was able to see how many others were struggling with cancer just like me. So, I made it my life’s mission to turn my hardship and adversity into a sign of hope for many other cancer fighters,” said Tony Laudadio, Founder, Tony Foundation.

At OpenSymmetry, our core values incorporate community, teamwork, respect, genuine, and innovation.  Supporting our community is who we are. The Tony Foundation speaks to what our team is passionate about – serving others in our community. It means so much to our employees to take the time to make the communities we live in a better place.  We can each have a big impact with a small investment of our time. Not only does it benefit the lives of those we serve, but it also has a positive influence on the lives of our employees as well.

“The Tony Foundation is an incredible cause providing much needed financial support directly to families experiencing extremely challenging times.  To meet Tony and listen to his story, is truly inspirational.  A great guy, with a wonderful family, he established the foundation to help others going through a similar journey that he has. OpenSymmetry is proud to support the Tony Foundation help our community,” said Anthony Hutchins, CEO, OpenSymmetry

If you’d like to donate or participate in this fundraiser, learn more by visiting the Tony Foundation Events listing.

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To learn more about OpenSymmetry’s involvement in the community, follow our Company News!

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