OpenSymmetry Celebrates the 2022 Holiday Season

The employees of OpenSymmetry celebrate the holidays virtually each year and to kick off the 2022 season, we hosted a Zoom for our global employees to enjoy! The only requirement for the party, “wear your best festive holiday gear or ugly sweater.” Shout out to our hosts, Christie Moreno and Meredith Harris, who brought everyone together for a good time. 

In attendance, we had employees from across the United States, the UK, and India, despite the time differences. Our attendees undoubtedly brought their best ugly sweater and holiday spirit, and even some costume changes during our party! Andrew Hawkins kept everyone on their toes with multiple costume changes (at least 4). Matthew McNerney had the opportunity to show off 5 of his festive holiday hats. And Josh Swygert was a dedicated Christmas tree from head to toe! It was impressive that he had to stand for the duration of the party to give everyone the full effect of his outfit.  

It was difficult to choose the winners because everyone truly looked great!  

Our winners were:
1 – Andrew Hawkins – (Canada) 
2 – Josh Swygert (USA) 
3 – Jesi Vaugh (USA) 
4 – Matt McNerney (USA) 
5 – Saloni Astha (India) 

The virtual party was filled with great stories, lots of laughs, and entertainment. Seeing the joy on everyone’s face has shown us the true meaning of the holidays and reminds us of one of our core values, “Community.” Reflecting on our OpenSymmetry community, we are reminded that we are stronger together and thrive to make our company, society, and environment a better place. 

We want to wish you a happy and festive holiday season with your families and friends. We are looking forward to a prosperous, healthy, and joyful 2023. 

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