Refresh Manager Hierarchy Process in OIC


Why Manager Hierarchy? – A person’s manager hierarchy is often required to be readily available. It is not uncommon to require a manager’s approval during an approval process and business intelligence reports often retrieve data based on a manager hierarchy.
1. How the Hierarchy Maintained – the complete manager hierarchy for each person is extracted from data tables and stored in a separate manager hierarchy table PER_MANAGER_HRCHY_DN. This table is known as the de-normalized manager hierarchy. The de-normalized manager hierarchy ensures that a person’s manager hierarchy is both easily accessible and up to date.
2. Running the Refresh Manager Hierarchy Process – Whenever a change is made to a person’s manager hierarchy through the application pages, you will run the Refresh Manager Hierarchy process in the Scheduled Processes work area. To run the process, you must have the Human Resource Specialist job role. If running the process for the first time, in the Process Details window, enter 0 next to Updated Within the Last N Days. Otherwise, determine how far back data needs to be refreshed. Once the process has completed, confirm the table PER_MANAGER_HRCHY_DN & PER_MANAGER_HRCHY_REPORTEES_DN have been populated by querying it directly.


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