Document Management in Analytics Reports


One of the new feature in Document Management is using Document Management fields in the Subject Area in Analytics. Using this allows admin to create a report. This is the easiest way of tracking status of the routed documents and report can be placed in the Analytics Pods for Admin to easily track the documents from their Home page.

To create this report, login to Analytics workspace as an admin, from the Subject Area, choose Document Management Dimension and drag and drop the required fields. You can also create additional filters based on specific requirements.

Below are the columns available and description of the fields:

  • Document Status: Gives information on Status of the Document (Example: Completed, Declined, In Progress, Recalled)
  • Document Type: Gives information on Type of the Document (Example: Plan Document)
  • Effective Plan Date: Gives information on the Plan Document Effective Date (Example: Current Fiscal Year)
  • Manager Response Date: Gives information on Manager responded date
  • Route Date: Gives information on which date the document was routed
  • Completed Date: Gives information on which date the document was completed


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