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APIs are potent tools to automate and define interactions between multiple software applications, and Varicent, sure enough, takes advantage of such tools. That said, the Varicent APIs allow clients’ modules to be available or linked into an existing program to complete the required tasks.

Varicent provides a complete list of APIs available for clients to use. Utilizing any API tool, such as Postman, clients can call various APIs such as the Run scheduled saved imports from executing a scheduled process on-demand or Retrieving data from Calculations, Data Stores, or Tables.

At OpenSymmetry, our team has vast knowledge in working with Varicent APIs. Currently, we are working with one of our clients to build an API to call scheduler processes to import data files to their model and run the necessary calculations. The API solution provides flexibility to run the process in a just-in-time fashion as soon as the files are ready from the source system. This approach will enable us to spare precious minutes-hours from the overall process time as we execute items when they arrive versus waiting on the native scheduled process to run on a specific date-time.


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