Adding OTBI reports to Oracle Fusion Application


Following are the steps to follow when adding OTBI reports to the Oracle Fusion Application:

1. Get the static URL for the BI report.
2. Create a new sandbox and Enter into the sandbox.
3. Add the below tools in the sandbox.
Page integration
Page composer
4. Create a new page integration.
Go to the Page Integration which has been added in the above step ->Click on New Page
Name = (User Choice)
Application Role = (Assign valid role where user can access this reports)
Web Page = about:blank
5. Go to Structure, search for your page integration, and click to move under appropriate catalog.
6. Go to this page integration under Home and use page composer to add in the BI report.
Open the page and go to the tab.
Click on Customize this page (Page Composer)
• Click on the wrench on the Web Page section and edit.
• Display options:
Name = blank (optional)
Short Desc = blank (optional)
Source = ../../analytics/saw.dll?%20Analyst
Note: substitute ../../ up to the analytics part of the above URL so that it’s not instance dependent.
• Close
7. After making all your changes, publish your sandbox so that other users can see the same.

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