14 Transformations to Modify Performio Data (SDI)


Once the data is imported in Performio, we need to modify it to get it in the format required for calculations. Performio has 14 Transforms which can be used to modify the data. To access these Transforms, navigate to COG Menu >Transform Data. Once these Transforms are created, they must be added to a Batch for calculations.

Data Transforms:
1. Insert Entity – Inserts all Participants EIDs (unique participant IDs) and Period in a table.
2. Update Table – Allows to make update to a table based on some specific criteria. The other tables can also be used as reference tables. It works like update query in SQL.
3. Set Period – Sets a Period in a table using date field. Periods are smallest measure of time in Performio and are represented by months.
4. Duplicate Data – Allows to copy data from one table to another. It works like insert into query in SQL.
5. Aggregate Table – Allows to store aggregated values in a table (sum, average, etc). It works like aggregate function in SQL.
6. Calculate To Date – Allows to calculate and store Year To Date, Quarter To Date, Month To Date, etc values in a table.
7. Apply Commission Rates – Allows to apply rates based on rate table specified in the plan.
8. SQL Script – Allows to write SQL queries and stored procedures. This transform can be used to handle complex requirements. SQL language used is MySQL.
9. Sales Roll-up – Allows to give credit to managers for their team’s performance. This transform works according to the team hierarchy created in Performio.
10. Sales Crediting – Allows to give credit to any participant regardless of the team hierarchy.
11. Quick Formula – Allows basic calculations (add, subtract, multiply, divide) between 2 values in a table.
12. Delete Data – Deletes data in a table based on some specific criteria. It works like delete query in SQL.
13. Performance Value Lookup – Allows to insert values mapped to a participant (OTC, Month Payable, etc) in a table.
14. Table To Results – Allows to store values from any table in Results. Results are then displayed on dashboards and in reports.

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