Use of held credits


During one of our implementations of SAP, the requirement had the complexity of providing accounting double entries along with the calculation of payment. The transaction for a particular event type shall come into commissions come only once. One set of double entry will have to be provided to the accounting in the same month the transaction comes in and another set of double entry had to provided during the next consecutive month.

To achieve this, the held credits feature was utilized. The credit rules have 4 types of hold conditions:

  • Release Immediately
  • Indefinite
  • Period Type
  • Specific Period

To cater to the accounting requirement, the Period Type hold was used. There were monthly components and quarterly components. When a valid transaction came into the commissions, two credits rules triggered for one set of double entry and passed to the deposits. Another set of credits triggered but were held using the “period type “. The period type month was chosen for the monthly component and quarter was chosen for the quarterly so that credits would get released after that period. The credit would flow through towards the deposit only when released. By default the held condition will be Release immediately.

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