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OpenSymmetry is an industry thought leader on Sales Performance Management programs, processes,
and SPM solutions. We aim to arm clients with the latest intel to make the most informed decisions
related to their incentive compensation programs.

To take part in our ongoing studies, submit your contact information and when surveys are launched,
you will receive a notice to participate.

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SPM Communications Survey

Knowing the success of your admin’s communication with your sales team impacts your ability to drive revenue. Launch our survey internally to learn more about your organization’s ability to communicate your compensation program.

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ICM for Financial Services Survey

Taking a holistic view of your incentive compensation program will help you identify areas your organization can improve upon. Understanding your internal complexities related to your peers will help you refine your strategy.

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SPM & ICM Solution Providers Survey

Join the annual assessment of SPM and ICM Solution Providers review! By participating in this survey, you’ll gain a better understanding of how your technology solution ranks amongst the others in the market and how your peers view their solutions.

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OpenSymmetry enables clients to achieve greater operational efficiency and get better sales results. We are a global consulting company specializing in the planning, implementation, and optimization of industry leading technology suppliers of sales performance management solutions.