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The incentive compensation implementation process has many facets and requires a high level of precision to achieve success. With years of experience in implementing sales performance management (SPM) technologies, OpenSymmetry has a dedicated practice, each with a highly-skilled team, for every major SPM technology on the market. Our teams are made up of individuals who are adept at handling deployments of varying complexities and can skillfully address challenges that may arise along the way. Our proven deployment methodology ensures alignment of SPM features and functionalities to business objectives. You’ll benefit from OpenSymmetry:

Bringing years of expertise in leading SPM technologies including Anaplan, CallidusCloud, IBM, Oracle, and Xactly

Evaluating and addressing data integration challenges during SPM implementations

Providing testing and training services to ensure post-deployment success

OpenSymmetry Services

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Deployment Services & Methodology

The bread and butter of what we do, OpenSymmetry’s deployment services are tried and true to support various SPM technologies for implementations of all sizes. We gather, document, and outline a clear picture of the details around your business and IT needs, then draw out a common framework to implement a sales compensation solution. Our methodology identifies potential risks and challenges so that deployment is smooth, successful, and on-time.

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Data Integration Services

OpenSymmetry provides a full review, design, and implementation plan for an integrated, enterprise-wide data strategy for your SPM system. This includes connecting disparate data sources, extracting data, and cleansing data for more accurate and efficient processing and reporting.

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SPM Test Strategy & Execution

Building an ICM system is a huge investment and having a systematic testing strategy is crucial to make sure the system is configured correctly and fail proof. Our testing experts are focused on minimizing costly defects and risks with system integration testing (SIT), user acceptance testing (UAT), functional testing, and the application of industry best practices.

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SPM Training

Low adoption can make or break the success of an SPM solution, so OpenSymmetry focuses on enabling you to excel at and own the incentive compensation management (ICM) process using various training approaches. Through our comprehensive training plans, whether web-based or live, users gain the skills necessary to run the system efficiently and effectively. This includes everything from understanding the basics of the software to customized process training for administrators and end users.

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Mentorship Program

OpenSymmetry provides a robust mentorship program to supplement standard training for SPM system administration. The mentorship program leverages direct interaction and guidance from senior consultants and a curriculum dependent on active participation, thereby ensuring that once the program is complete, the mentee has proficiency translating business requirements into technical solution designs, adjusting core configuration components, and managing on-going program improvements.

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Business Process Improvement (Change Management)

OpenSymmetry can help you identify the scope and strategy of your SPM process change and approach, establish best-in-class practices, estimate the schedule, and determine the resources required for execution. We hold working sessions to understand and propose process responsibility and accountability, stakeholder impact and risk assessment with each, and current change management capabilities.

SPM Upgrades

OpenSymmetry can help plan and execute a smooth, successful SPM software upgrade for your organization, leaving you to focus on daily operations and other high priority initiatives. In addition to the upgrade, a complete review of your implementation with recommended enhancements is provided.

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Implementation Readiness & Planning

OpenSymmetry has a thorough assessment to evaluate the readiness of your organization to migrate to a new SPM platform, from defining the future state through developing an implementation plan that includes evaluating existing technology, processes, and resources related to the incentive compensation process. Defined scope and risk planning are used to create a roadmap for implementation containing dependencies, risks, and data and resource needs.

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Lead to Money Implementation Services

OpenSymmetry offers full end-to-end implementation services for SPM-adjacent products including Configure/Price/Quote and Contract Management. Our offerings include: best practices guidance, change management, product and process transformations and integration to adjacent systems.