SAP HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI)


This is a new addition to the CallidusCloud suite of products. It acts as a bridge between SAP Callidus cloud and external data sources. It can be used as a tool to migrate data from external data sources to CallidusCloud. External data sources can be either files or links to external databases such as Oracle. Once links are established, you can replicate external data to the Callidus HANA database environment.

With SDI, you have the ability to transform data before integrating it into the SAP HANA database either through a batch process or real-time data transfers.

SDI supports wide range of external data sources with the help of custom adapters. These include:

Real-time enabled adapters:

  • SAP ECC based on Oracle, DB2, SQL Server or ASE
  • SAP (Sybase) ASE
  • IBM DB2
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Teradata
  • Twitter

Batch adapters:

  • ABAP adapter
  • Microsoft Excel
  • File (delimited and fixed width)
  • Facebook
  • Hadoop Hive
  • Odata

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