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While giving an interesting view of the achieved and rewards to the employee, payout statements play a vital role in commissioning. Statements give the sense of fairness to the employees which not only encourage them but also helps them identify any lacks and drives them to perform better.

  • Designing a statement
    Under the Commissions Plans tab’s ‘Statement Design’, we start putting together our statement which will   further reflect in email communications.
    Each period group is associated with a statement. Various ‘Section Types’ hold the power to shape our statement as per our need.
  • Header

The statement header allows you to organize payee and plan details in a concise summary. This header includes:

  1. Company section for contact and plan name information, next to the payee information.
  2. A timestamp for the payout processing and statement generation date can be found in the upper right corner of the statement.
  • Sections
  1. Text Section – Text sections are commonly used to share a short text description of the employee’s performance and or make announcements.
  2. Key Value Section – Key Value sections allow you to display text content in rows and columns.
  3. Data Table sections – let you display worksheet data from your Calculation Workbook. All the information we will be displaying here is calculated in our previous step i.e., Calculation Workbook where all the calculations and commission logics are done.
  • Charts
    To give an interesting informative pictorial touch to the statement’s Line Chart, Bar Chart, Meter Chart and more can be added!
  • Processing a statement
    When processing, we are taken to the Jobs page where we can see the batch process through. After the jobs have completed, visit the Commission Plans section > Payouts > ‘Our Plan’-> ‘Our Period Group’ to see the processed payouts and their corresponding statements.


    Review the statements and confirm that they look like what we expected.

  • Statements Email Communication
    Once a payout has been locked/published (Commission plans>>Payouts), email statements and notifications can be triggered.
  • Template options
  1. Enable confetti – gives a celebration feel as the employees get their salary! we can also disable the confetti if needed.
  2. Hidden Balance – Hides the pay and only shows the period.
  • Delivery options
  1. Notify users that their statement is ready
    This triggers an email that lets payees know that their statement is ready to be viewed in-app. It includes a link to the CaptivateIQ platform

2. Share a link that expires after 30 days
          This triggers an email that includes a secure link that a payee can use to access their statement without login credentials.


    1. A text section ignores line breaks, i.e., entering in a blank line will be ignored.
    2. The order of the bars for Bar Chart will show up in whatever order your data is sorted as within the worksheet.


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