How to navigate calculated results in the SAP Commissions interface

There are many ways for an Administrator to navigate and review calculated results in SAP Commissions. However, if unfamiliar with the naming convention and flow of the calculated rule based results, this can be a daunting task at first sight. Results can be reviewed directly in the workspace in which they are generated, e.g. credit results in the credit workspace, incentive results in the incentive workspace etc.
It is possible to navigate between related results generated in different workspaces using the ‘related search’ feature in each workspace. The ‘related search’ is a powerful feature, particularly when there is already an understanding of how different results relate to each other. Without much knowledge of how the rules have been built and named, it can be easier to use an alternative feature called Research View.

Using the Research View to review results

How to find the Research View
The Research View can be accessed from within each results workspace by using the Research View icon link at the upper right hand side of the screen after selecting one or more results, or via the main ‘Run’ menu on the Commissions toolbar at the left hand side of the screen.
Navigating from a results workspace
Navigating from a results workspace allows either a single result (or multiple results) to be selected for either one or multiple positions at the same time, before navigating to the Research View via the Research View icon. When the Research View workspace has loaded, the related results from Transactions through to Payments will display for all the originally selected results. If many original results were selected in the original workspace initially, then many related results will also show in the Research View.
The display format in the Research View workspace is in a left to right scrollable window, with an individual panel for each result type. It is possible to scroll through the different panels by using the small window ribbon at the bottom of the screen. When a specific result is clicked on in any of the panels, any related results across all of the results panels will highlight in green. In order to assist with viewing and filtering the results in the Research View panels, it is possible to filter the related results by using the two filtering options at the bottom of each panel. These allow viewing all related results from the original selection or just the ones related to a selected result.
Navigating from the Run menu
In the ‘Run’ menu, there is a direct link to the Research View. To view results in the Research View via this method, the search bar on the top left needs to be populated. A prerequisite for this approach is the creation of a saved query in any of the results workspaces, and must be created prior to using the Research View. Research view can only access results for one period at a time.

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