Embedded analytics


Embedded analytics for SAP Commissions provide the tools you need to interactively analyze, live sales performance data that is captured in your Sales Performance Management applications.

Embedded analytics can be used for SAP Commissions to explore data, find insights, and visualize information that can also be shared with colleagues with ease.

Below are the key features of embedded analytics:

  1. Embedded analytics is linked with SAP commissions.
  2. Stories and data models are at the center of embedded analytics for SAP Commissions. Data models determine the data fields that are available for use within each story.
  3. Each story in embedded analytics for SAP Commissions is based on a data model, which is simply referred to as models within embedded analytics for SAP Commissions.
  4. Standard Data models and 23 stories (Similar to analytical reports) are available.
  5. Apart from the standard data models, tool allows to create custom data models which could include tables from EXT, TCMP schemas.
  6. After publishing the data model, User/Partner/SAP team can create stories.

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