Creating a Custom Data Model for Embedded Analytics


Custom data model can be used in Embedded Analytics when a story that involves one or more TCMP and EXT tables is used.

There are two types of Custom Models.

  1. Custom model with NO data restriction
  2. Custom model with data restriction

The primary difference between these two is that in the custom model with data restriction, one can apply the restrictions like:

  1. Payee can see his information
  2. Manager can see only his and his subordinates’ information
  3. Admin can see data only to their related BU

Steps in creating the custom data model:

  1. Create an SQL View in EXT Schema based on any combination of TCMP/EXT Tables with the naming convention as CSA_Viewname_SVW_4digitcustomercode
  2. Create Structured Privileges on EXT Schema for Data Security. Here one can add the filters for all restrictions.
  3. Add grants for the structured privileges. SAP needs to deploy this view as custom data model. Deploying after Step 1 creates a custom data model with NO data restriction. Deploying after Step 3 creates a custom data model with data restriction.

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