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Xactly has feature to automate Quota upload and assign to different positions using Xactly Connect. To achieve this, user has to create Quota at plan level in incent and then download the template in CSV format to local drive. User then updates the CSV file by assigning positions to the quotas and place it on the FTP server. Finally, below Xactly Connect Commands can be used to read the Quota File from FTP server and Upload Quota into Incent.

Note: Plan level quota must exist in Incent before uploading the position assignments.

Incent upload file (FilePath=’/Quota_uploads_files/quota_tcv_first_version_2020.csv’, Name=’QuotaAssignmentCSV’, ErrorFilePath=’/Quota_error/Error_log.txt’, CreateFlag=true, UpdateFlag=false)

Command Explanation:

• FilePath: The template filename should be in .CSV format and the filepath where the file belong to.
• Name : ‘QuotaAssignmentCSV’ : Standard Provided by Xactly for uploading Quota
• ErrorFilePath : The path where system will automatically generate .TXT File in case of error
• CreateFlag=true and UpdateFlag=false : Populate only those records where Quotas needs to be created
• CreateFlag=false and UpdateFlag=true : Populate only those records where Quotas needs to be updated


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