Using Look up Table to Avoid Creating Multiple Commissions Rules in Xactly Incent


If you come across a scenario where a commission rule you will have to use different rates for different titles.
In this situation we can use single rate table and assign various rates based on titles but here the tricky situation was the rate table tiers (high- low values) also had different values for each title. When we do title level assignments to rate table, we can only add different rates based on titles and its not possible to change rate table high- low values. So, to build this usually we would have to create multiple commission rules as we would have multiple rate tables to implement this scenario. To avoid creating multiple additional rules there is one solution of using look up table.


We can do this by creating multiple rate tables with different rate tier values as per each title and then create one lookup table with return value as rate table and create column based on title and respective rate table as return value of lookup table.
And we can use this lookup table in one commission rule and it will return rate as per title and avoid creating multiple commission rules.

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