OIC: Procedure to Pay Participants


The payment process starts when we finish the calculation process for that cycle. This payment process is different than the calculation process. When we run the calculation process, we get the earning for the participant. We can run it multiple times before we process it for payment.
To manage the payment process, the user should be assigned the compensation manager and compensation analyst roles.
Below is the procedure of the payment process for a participant:
  1. Compensation Manager creates the payment batches based on the pay group and pay date.
  2. Compensation Analyst reviews and adjusts the paysheet. If everything looks fine, they can lock and submit the paysheets for approval.
  3. Compensation Manager verifies all the paysheets for a payment batch and then sets the status of the payment batch to frozen.
  4. Compensation Manager pays a payment batch for that cycle.
  5. Compensation Manager exports payment extract from BIP subject area and sends it to the payroll system.

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