New Year Checklist


Following are the objects and components that would be required to be reviewed and updated at the end of each fiscal year for Xactly.

1. Calendar – To create your new fiscal year Plans, Quotas, and Process Groups, you will need to set up the next fiscal year calendar.
2. Process Groups – Your new fiscal year Process Groups will need to be created. This can be done by copying the Process Groups from the prior year. 
3. Plans – For plans that are not changing, you can copy them and save them for the new fiscal year. All plans will need to be set up, whether by copying or by creating new ones.
4. Quota – Your new fiscal year Quotas will need to be set up. Please note that the Plan level quotas must be created within Incent through 
the UI first before you can generate a quota template to upload the rest of the quotas by position/title.
5. Rate Tables – Rate Tables will need to be versioned if they change. If they do not change, then you can leave as it is.
6. Incentive Statement – If Incentive Statements are versioned by year, it would be recommended to review your current configurations.
7. Plan Document – Plan Documents will need to be created for each year. This can be done by copying the plan template from the prior year or by creating a new plan document template.
8.Users – It is recommended to review your current users in Incent. Should they have access? Are they still with the company? Should their access be removed? 
9.Version people and Position – Generally speaking, it is best practice to version your People records year to year.
10.Hierarchy – The current fiscal year Hierarchy will need to be versioned for next fiscal year Hierarchy and new hires/relationship changes will need to made in new hierarchy. For example, if you are in FY2022, you will need to create a new version of the Hierarchy for FY2023


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