Creating Named Relationships and Related Indirect Credit Rules


Named Relationships provide a correlation between otherwise unrelated positions. This relationship allows you to distribute credit from payee A to payee B, even though payee A and payee B do not have a hierarchy relationship.
Any employee-to-employee relationship outside of Hierarchy that yields indirect credits in Incent, needs to be captured using the Named Relationship function. An example of this relationship would be, payee A is a Sales representative who is generating direct credit and payee B is a Solution Consultant or Sales Engineer who needs to receive credit indirectly generated by payee A through a Named Relationship.
Using the example mentioned above where you need to configure Incent to generate direct credit for the Sales Representative/Payee A and then pass this indirect credit to the Solution Consultant/Payee B who was involved in the deal, so both of them could get paid on this deal.
Named Relationship Setup:
Assuming your direct credit rule is already working correctly for the Sales Representative, you now need to create a Named Relationship from Payee A to Payee B. To do this:
Navigate to Organization -> Named Relationships -> Create Named Relationship -> Enter Name -> Click Save -> Click Create Relationship -> Add To & From Positions -> Click Save.
If you already have a Named Relationship created:
Instead of clicking Create Named Relationship, click Edit Named Relationship -> Click Create Relationship -> Add To & From Positions -> Click Save.
Associating the Named Relationship file to the indirect credit rule:
Navigate to Plan Design -> Rules Library -> Click New -> Select Indirect Credit Type.
After selecting Indirect Credit Type, you will notice there is an additional field now available called Position Relationship. This field will allow you to select the Named Relationship (by Name) which you created earlier. Once the rest of rule is setup, click Save and remember to add the indirect rule to Payee B’s plan.
Named Relationship Tip:
A key concept to keep in mind when working with Named Relationships is that when coupled with Hierarchy/Roll Up credit, it can only go up and to the side. Meaning, it can only go up the hierarchy and then through a Named Relationship, yet it cannot go through a Named Relationship first and then through the hierarchy.


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