Building chargeback logic through the flexible calculation engine in Varicent


Building comp systems in Varicent is a table-driven approach. Tables are custom built based on customer need & available data sources — no need to build new data files exclusive to the comp system.

Varicent also allows flexible calculation logic to be built, which is helpful for implementing complex crediting/eligibility scenarios w/o changing much in the inbound data sources.

Take this case: A sale was made, the corresponding transaction came through & sales credit is processed within Varicent. However, the customer returns the product and a reversal transaction was generated. Within Varicent, you need to reverse the credit that was already processed. The business logic is to reverse the credit that was originally calculated. But what if the reversal transaction doesn’t have the original sales transaction reference (e.g. TransactionID)? Then the comp system’s crediting logic needs to find the original transaction based on CustomerID, ProductID, etc. This type of chargeback logic can be implemented efficiently, since the calculation functionality allows you to use ANY data fields to build the logic & calculate the credits accurately.

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