Edward Moss

Account Manager, EMEA

“The visibility that an SPM solution provides helps to drive revenue through a motivated sales force.”

Edward Moss is an Account Manager in EMEA. Having consulted and led parts of the EMEA consulting team for close to a decade across Varicent, Xactly and SAP technologies, he now uses his varied implementation experience to advise clients on how best their Sales Performance Management (SPM) technologies can be aligned to business objectives.  

One of the keyways that Edward believes organisations could be using their SPMs more effectively is through the display of forecast commissions. For many organistions, visibility on commissions data is only after the month has completed. This creates a stressful turnaround experience that can cause costly mistakes, high admin turnover and an unmotivated sales force.  A frustrated sales force leads to frustrated administrators, and so the cycle of frustration continues.  

Edward recommends that organisations create a clear vision of what they want to achieve from their SPM investment. Having a vision increases the likelihood of adoption, increasing the Return on Investment. That vision must be supported by clear SPM requirements, organizational alignment, technology expertise, and a strong change management plan.    

Asked to describe SPM in 3 words Edward states: Motivation. Accuracy. Professionalism.  The visibility that an SPM solution provides allows executives to steer the organization effectively, ultimately driving revenue through a motivated sales force.  

Edward’s superpower is implementation experience across the leading SPM technologies in the space.