Scott Werstein

Scott Werstlein

Senior Vice President of Sales, North America

To ensure growth when implementing an SPM technology, organizations need to fully utilize the technology by incorporating it into pay cycles and running it daily.

Scott Werstlein is the Senior Vice President of North American Sales at OpenSymmetry. He has over 20 years of experience in the configuration and deployment of incentive compensation management (ICM) applications at companies of all sizes, ranging from SMBs to Fortune 50 companies. Throughout his career, Scott has managed commission teams and the technology side of ICM applications.  Scott brings a unique focus on customer success, from first-hand experience related to the challenges of managing and optimizing ICM – beyond just the technology. Scott ensures that the team at OpenSymmetry has a commitment to relational continuity with clients for long-term success.

Scott stresses the importance of operationalizing strategy when it comes to organization’s SPM/ICM software solutions. An SPM software solution gives an organization the ability to reduce their reliance on in-house IT expertise and external resources for the management and maintenance of their sales compensation program.

When it comes to ensuring growth, Scott recommends that organizations implement their SPM technology effectively by incorporating it into their pay cycles and running it daily. By replacing outdated and inefficient systems OpenSymmetry removes growth obstacles and facilitate the following results:

      • Accurate and on-time commissions payments enabled by automation
      • Timely deployment of annual incentive compensation plans
      • Comprehensive, real-time dashboards and reporting for improved SPM
      • Better modeling and forecasting capabilities
      • Automated workflows for stronger incentive compensation management checks and balances
      • Integrated data solutions allowing for a single source of truth as teams (and data volume) expand

Scott’s Content Contributions

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