Automating Sales Performance Management to Support Rapid Growth

Through automation, SPM helps tech companies keep pace and scale up

OpenSymmetry has worked with a number of fast-growing high tech companies that found themselves in need of more sophisticated incentive compensation management (ICM) systems that could keep up with the pace of their growth and support scalability needs.

Industry: High Tech


As companies grow, sales organizations must grow too. While growth is more often than not the ultimate goal, it can present a variety of challenges when it comes to the management and performance of a sales organization. Some of the common challenges we see when initially engaging with our high tech clients include:

  • Manual incentive compensation processes or reliance on spreadsheets results in inaccurate and/or late commissions payments
  • Inability to handle increased volume of data creates cumbersome workarounds
  • Lack of timely and effective reporting hinders modeling and forecasting capabilities
  • Insufficient access to sales performance data causes frustration and underperformance among sales reps


OpenSymmetry partners with a number of high tech companies to drive their efforts to improve the solutions they rely on for effective sales performance management (SPM). By replacing outdated and inefficient systems we remove growth obstacles and facilitate the following results:

  • Accurate and on-time commissions payments enabled by automation
  • Timely deployment of annual incentive compensation plans
  • Comprehensive, real-time dashboards and reporting for improved SPM
  • Better modeling and forecasting capabilities
  • Automated workflows for stronger incentive compensation management checks and balances
  • Integrated data solutions allowing for a single source of truth as teams (and data volume) expand

By partnering with OpenSymmetry, high tech companies are able to get sales compensation payouts made in a timely way, increase sales rep satisfaction and engagement, and scale up as teams grow.

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Enterprises will miss the equivalent of UP TO 10% OF ANNUAL SALES IN “LOST OPPORTUNITY” REVENUE that could have been captured through improved management of sales territories, quotas and compensation plans.

Source: Gartner

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