Donia Abuzaid

Sales Executive

“SPM solutions offer stakeholders the ability to track, credit, and access data that delivers real-time reporting for decision-making.”

Donia Abuzaid’s experience helping clients find long-term solutions comes from her technical background working as a Consultant and a Solutions Architect in the SPM space. She joined OpenSymmetry as a Software Consultant, then quickly transitioned to Senior Software Consultant, then a Team Lead, and a Principal Consultant. Now as a Sales Executive for OpenSymmetry, Donia knows that finding the right SPM solution will make her client’s lives easier.

When Donia was asked to define the importance of SPM into one word, she said sophistication. The advancement of SPM technology empowers users, making them less dependent on internal IT talent and external resources to manage and maintain their sales compensation program. This independence offers users more control over their sales compensation platform and compensation data.

Donia recognizes that if an organization is missing data, or the capability to analyze data, it can create specific challenges developing and designing sales compensation plans. SPM solutions offer stakeholders the ability to track, credit, and access data that will deliver real-time reporting for decision-making and sales performance improvement. Donia has seen improvement from real-time SPM data and how this has driven sales performance, motivation, growth, and companywide revenue.

Donia’s superpower is her diverse background implementing various SPM tools and her ability to understand client’s unique needs to offer the best SPM solution to fix their compensation problems.


Why You Should Use OpenSymmetry for Your SPM Needs

OpenSymmetry utilizes a comprehensive suite of sales performance management services, integrating them with industry experts like Donia Abuzaid, who provide a thoughtful and data-informed approach to meeting organizational goals. By automating SPM solutions, we deliver improved performance tracking and increased payment accuracy in addition to providing audit compliance.

We offer a complete analysis of your current performance metrics and develop an effective sales planning strategy. OpenSymmetry has effectively enhanced sales success across a wide range of industries, including financial services, high-tech, insurance, med-tech, and telecommunications.