What HR Professionals Need to Know About SPM

Sales Performance Management (SPM) is a critical component to driving sales behavior and ultimately the success of an organization. During this session, OpenSymmetry will define what SPM is, what SPM best practices can do for an organization, and how HR can leverage SPM technology solutions to more than just pay sales commissions or incentives. 

SPM industry experts, Adam Thorn and Jon Clark, will review the specific benefits of SPM for HR departments and showcase various approaches that allow HR to take advantage of these solutions to improve an organization’s overall performance. 


Adam Thorn, Senior Director, Sales
D: +44 77 6997 7376

Jon Clark, Director of Strategy Services
M: +44 77 6855 8771

How to Build an Irrefutable Business Case for SPM Solutions

After helping our clients build their own business cases, we’ve learned what works. These two must-do’s for building an SPM solution business case make it nearly impossible for your stakeholders to say “no”.

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How a Global Product Company Achieved SPM Success

Armed with all data points across in-house and new technology, DSM was able to make a more informed decision based upon the reality of today, next year, and the years after that.


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