How The Great Resignation Is Leading to a Shift in the World of Commission Management

Join us for a candid conversation about the dramatic shifts happening with commission management.

Thought Leaders, Robert Blohm (Senior Partner at OpenSymmetry) and Trevor Childers (Head of Enterprise Sales at CaptivateIQ) talk openly about the current market and its complexities and run through some compelling insights driving employee behavior.

During this discussion, they also share Sales Performance Management (SPM) program trends to highlight how organizations can proactively plan for resource gaps. Within this topic, they will dig into specific preparation tactics that will help organizations plan for the future – tactics that most organizations can implement immediately.

    The Ultimate Guide to SPM Vendor Selection

    Leveraging OpenSymmetry’s experience on over 100 SPM selection engagements, this guidebook was developed to lead you through the necessary steps to select a solution that will help scale your business through sales performance management automation.


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    Survey Report of SPM and ICM Solution Providers

    This report explores how users benefit from SPM systems, and their satisfaction with those systems’ promoted capabilities.

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    SPM Automation’s Impact on Proficiency & Staffing Ratios

    This report is intended to summarize the results and provide an understanding of companies managing sales compensation as it relates to their technology, staffing models, and program performance.


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