Adapting Sales Compensation Strategies

Lessons Learned from the Pandemic

Hosted by the Chief Executive Group with Client Feature UScellular

The Covid-19 pandemic had a transformative effect on business. For some organizations, it prompted a complete rethinking of the operating model, while for others it acted as an impetus for growth. For all, it was a chance to refocus and become leaner and more efficient. Covid forced companies to pivot quickly and maximize the rate of return on sales investments. According to a survey of more than 200 U.S. business leaders conducted by Chief Executive Group and OpenSymmetry this spring, a number of companies made changes to their sales compensation strategies as a result of the crisis. What lessons in sales leadership and compensation can we learn from the past year?

View this complimentary on-demand webinar, hosted by Chief Executive Group and OpenSymmetry, to gain insights on engaging your sales team, enhancing your sales compensation program and applying technologies to streamline processes and improve your sales team’s performance coming out of the pandemic.

Featuring a case study with UScellular, you’ll learn how the company implemented radical approaches to their sales plans/quotas to reduce the impact of the pandemic and ensure business continuity. Hear what solutions proved most effective and will be kept for the future versus those that will be reversed to pre-pandemic approaches and the reasons behind these decisions.

Case study highlights include:

• Breakdown of the business challenges UScellular faced related to hitting sales goals and keeping their salesforce engaged
• Key success criteria identified by the team for reaching their revised goals
• Logic used to develop changes to sales plans and quotas and how these changes were effectively rolled out
• Application of technology to support team’s decision process and how this technology was used to execute changes and support sales communication
• Results achieved, including company sales metrics, analysis on rep turnover and achievement and processes developed for changes in the future

READ THE RESEARCH REPORT: Rethinking Sales Compensation Strategy

Learn how companies are approacing pay program practices for a post-pandemic future.  For many, it was a chance to refocus and streamline, to make business leaner and more efficient.

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