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NICE Sales Performance Management (SPM) is an integrated solution helping sales organizations better manage incentive compensation, sales crediting, territories, and quotas. With a focus on large sales organizations, NICE SPM supports complex incentive compensation plans, massive data volumes, unique business rules, and diverse organizational structures and hierarchies.

NICE SPM maximizes the self-sufficiency of compensation administrators, sales operation teams and other business users, allowing them to perform tasks independently and manage change efficiently. Business users can design and update complex compensation plans, test changes, and assign plans to payees; they can manage and troubleshoot sales crediting rules using a visual UI without the need for coding; and can automate cumbersome, manual business processes such as disputes and approvals using customized workflows.

With NICE SPM, incentive compensation is fully transparent, building the trust of sales reps and motivating performance. Sales reps have real-time access to their compensation statements via the web or their mobile devices and can easily initiate an inquiry or dispute directly from their mobile app. Managers can view aggregated data for all reps with monthly/annual summaries, top/bottom rep performance, attainment vs. targets, and more.

NICE SPM scalable architecture supports the processing of millions of sales transactions within minutes to determine quota attainment, calculate incentive payments, perform retroactive adjustments, deliver real-time reporting and support complex compensation plans, multiple currencies, and languages.

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SPM Vendor Guide

This guide is an introduction to some of the leading suppliers of SPM technology solutions. We recognize that every client is unique and should evaluate each technology with their distinct needs in mind.

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NICE Solution Overview

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NICE Sales Performance Management (SPM) helps compensation administrators and analysts overcome those pain points and efficiently handle even the most difficult workstreams of the sales incentive process.

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About NICE

NICE Sales Performance Management (SPM) helps large sales organizations automate the most difficult workstreams of the sales incentive process, including data management, complex sales crediting, customized workflows, and compensating multiple lines of business.

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Clients From Around the Globe

“Sunrun maximized the value of our incentive compensation system, and we were able to increase overall sales volume of solar panels and batteries. We’re now able to better serve both our employees and our customers. The efficiencies generated from this new ICM system have led to an increase in deployment of solar across the United States.”

Director of Compensation, Sunrun


Clients From Around the Globe

“OpenSymmetry rose to the challenge of creating a roadmap for an efficient, centralized ICM system for us. We started off with over 100 incentive plans throughout the bank in different lines of business, meaning the incentive administration was decentralized. With the help of OpenSymmetry, we have improved efficiencies by streamlining our incentive compensation administration to a single system.”

Kimberly Hinrichsen
VP & Sr. Director of Incentive Admin, U.S. Bank

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Clients From Around the Globe

“After working [with OpenSymmetry], my whole world changed. From working with a huge, onerous spreadsheet system, it’s gotten simpler. It’s changed the game for everyone in the company. We have improved timelines for making information available for reps. It shifted my perspective to dig deeper into the data.”

Courtney Aubin,
Senior Sales Commissions Analyst, Blackbaud

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Clients From Around the Globe

“Working with OpenSymmetry, we experienced openness, flexibility, and total commitment to our success from UK team. I was surprised that instead of coming up with solutions to fix our problems only, they were always looking for ways to simplify, streamline, and improve our processes in the same time. Due to that kind of commitment, we went from having over 100 configuration rules to just 27.”

Petra Maurova
Sales Rewards, SITA

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Clients From Around the Globe

“OpenSymmetry helped us to evaluate our ICM program in a new light. Their technical and business expertise allowed us to understand the details of how changes would impact our system and processes. This enabled us to implement changes that would have the biggest impact on our business.”

Sales Operations Manager
Wacker Neuron

Wacker Neuron



Clients From Around the Globe

“OpenSymmetry’s culture was a really good fit with T-Mobile. They were very open-minded and spent as much time listening and collaborating with us as they did telling us what needed to be done. That type of humility with such solid knowledge and capability was a perfect match for us.”

Clayton Tredway
Director Customer Care, T-Mobile

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Clients From Around the Globe

“OpenSymmetry helped automate our data feeds and update our configuration of Xactly Incent, and these improvements helped us save approximately 7,200 hours per year by eliminating manual calculations, minimizing adjustments, and building trust in the data to reduce shadow accounting. When we got this working right, we reduced what took days to 3.5 hours. Time savings have been so key for us.”

Justin Ritchie
Senior Director of Sales Operations, Manheim (subsidiary of Cox Enterprises)

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Clients From Around the Globe

“Working with OpenSymmetry, we have implemented a formal, auditable, trackable sign-off process for the payouts. It’s made a huge improvement. No more paper. Information is at associates’ fingertips 24/7. Managers can view sales results and compensation results for their teams, which leads to more effective and efficient management. The availability of information has made a huge difference.”

Jennifer Wooster
Vice President – Group Actuarial and Compensation Officer, Ameritas

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OpenSymmetry enables clients to achieve greater operational efficiency and get better sales results.  We are a global consulting company specializing in the planning, implementation, and optimization of industry leading technology suppliers of sales performance management solutions.

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